Why 2Return?

With 2Retrun companies choose to only use logistic packaging when and for the period they need them and let 2Return take care for all the hassles running the fleet of returnable items. Companies can focus on those things they are good in while 2Return ensures increased sustainability at lower total cost of operation.

As member of the Rotom group of companies 2Return has the knowledge and the competence to deploy logistic items as efficient as possible across multiple users. We reduce transportation distances; secure specifications before reuse and provide seamless and just-in-time supply to the plants. Our sophisticated system preserves items from getting lost.

Why 2Return?

Benefits of using 2Return

1. Cost saving

reduction of operational costs by shared use of items resulting in less cost for  transportation and handling. Save on storage cost and free up space for other activities at your location

2. Protection

Avoid process disruption or product damage due to packaging not meeting required specifications


Save on capital expenditure without risk of items become obsolete; obtain cost flexibility as only pay for use when needed

4. Labour

Avoiding packaging administration or procurement activities and relocate labour to core competencies

5. Flexibility

Accommodate fluctuation in supply of packaging due to seasonality or temporarily demands

6. Sustainability

Reduce environmental impact with maximum use of reusable packaging items

7. Administration

Know what item is located where and in what condition; realized by bespoke system solutions