Retail industry

Fluctuating demand for consumer items and food is a major packaging management challenge in the retail sector. Seasonal influences and large events can cause a temporary shortage of logistical packaging, which might disturb the supply of your goods. A temporary supplement to your packaging stock can offer a solution. Through 2Return Pooling, plastic boxes, roll containers and other load carriers are made available through a rental structure. These items are tracked via track & trace, so you always have an overview of where they are located. As soon as the packaging is ready for collection at the user, just send us a notification and we will pick up, after which we (if necessary via a laundry) deliver it back to your production company.

2Return offers:

Cost saving

Less spending on logistic resources


Less material usage, less transport


Absorb fluctuations


No process disruption, no product damage



Rotom and Lievaart-Slaghuis are entering the future together

Rotom and Lievaart-Slaghuis are entering the future together

Rotom is taking another strategic step to become the European market leader in the field of sustainable solutions for load carriers. With the acquisiton of Lievaart-Slaghuis, Rotom…
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Chemical industry

Chemical industry

Our client is a globally specialised chemical company that produces a wide range of advanced materials and specialty chemicals and fibres that are found in products that people use…
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“Sustainable, money-saving solution”

“Sustainable, money-saving solution”

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