Packaging pooling

Due to fluctuating demand you probably have to rent pallets, boxes or roll containers regularly. But recovering them is hard: they get lost and therefore cost your company more expense. Packaging pooling means that 2Return owns the pallets, boxes and roll containers while you and your customers make use of them. By sending the shipping information to 2Return we know where the packing items are shipped to. As soon as they are ready for collection, we will return them to the 2Return depot, where repair and cleaning will take place, so you can use them again. 2Return manages the entire logistics of load carriers in the supply chain, from the production location up to the return at the end of the chain. Which means a care-free use of load carriers and less costs.

How does packaging pooling work:

  1. 2Return delivers the required packaging JIT to your production or distribution location
  2. You ship your products using this packaging to your customers
  3. You inform 2Return about the delivery addresses and dates
  4. As soon as the packaging is ready for pick-up, 2Return collects them from your customer
  5. Returned packaging will be checked, repaired and sorted to type
  6. After inspection you are informed about the administrative handling
  7. 2Return makes the packing available for reuse


Pooling is highly suitable during the busy season or special events, when demand for packing items increases. Products that could be used for pooling are:

  • metal and plastic boxes, both fixed and foldable
  • roll containers
  • our new foldable pallet box 'Smartbox'

The advantage of pooling:

  • 2Return manages all logistics flows
  • No investment in packaging
  • We take care of maintenance, repair and cleaning services
  • Sustainable and cost-saving solutions
  • Efficient use of logistics resources
  • High, consistent quality packaging

Service coverage throughout Europe

2Return has a covering network throughout Europe and makes use of the international network of the Rotom Group and partners for distribution, maintenance, repair and cleaning of the packaging pool.

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A sustainable alternative to cardboard and wire mesh boxes is the 2Return Smartbox. The Smartbox is a reusable lightweight pallet box, suitable for efficient and secure packaging and transport of products. This makes the use of one-off packaging materials such as plastic and cardboard superfluous.

Due to the foldable construction you can save up to 80% of your storage space when the boxes are empty. The Smartbox is easy to fold in and out due to its ergonomic design.

The Smartbox is available in 3 sizes. With 2Return Pooling the boxes can easily be tracked using your smartphone.

Read more on or contact us about what the Smartbox can offer you.


“Sustainable, money-saving solution”

“Sustainable, money-saving solution”


2Return offers the right solution for managing and tracking your logistics flows in various sectors of industry:

Chemical industry

Chemical industry

Construction sector

Construction sector

Retail industry

Retail industry

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