Management of rental items

  • 2Return organizes all logistic flows
  • No investment in packaging
  • Sustainable, cost saving solution
Smart pooling solutions

Packaging recovery

Management of own packaging

  • More (storage)space thanks to less empty packaging
  • Cost saving due to re-use of your own, existing, packging
  • Sustainable solution
Packaging recovery solutions

RTI Management

Management of logistic items

  • Central point of contact for packaging flows
  • Efficient and cost saving packaging management
  • Online access to current numbers of logistics items per location
RTI Management solutions

Why 2Return

2Return focuses on the management of packaging flows in all sectors of industry. Our goal is to reduce total costs in the supply chain in a sustainable way and to improve the quality of packaging. By using our experience and IT tools, we can easily take your packaging concerns off your hands.

We collect pallets, collapsible boxes and plastic crates in both the Benelux and other European countries with the aim of re-using them. By using various depots and carriers in several countries, 2Return offers optimal coverage. Moreover, our web portal offers an up-to-date insight into the stocks, both at the 2Return depots and at your customers.

Besides standard euro or H1 pallets, also customer-specific and custom-made pallets are collected from the location of your customers. We take care of the collection, repair and storage of these items and after that the return delivery to your production location. In addition to a considerable cost saving, this sustainable solution also offers flexibility and a quality guarantee.

Our Packaging Recovery, Pooling and RTI management services offer various options, so that both your own packaging and pool items can be monitored.

2 Return. Specialist in packaging management.


2Return offers the right solution for managing and tracking your logistics flows in various sectors of industry:

Chemical industry

Chemical industry

Construction sector

Construction sector

Retail industry

Retail industry

“Sustainable, money-saving solution”

“Sustainable, money-saving solution”


Nachhaltiger Materialfluss mit 2Return und Rotom Deutschland

Nachhaltiger Materialfluss mit 2Return und Rotom Deutschland

2Return ermöglicht einfache Wiederverwendung von Kunststoffboxen und anderen Ladungsträgern Kunststoffboxen sind eine sinnvolle Alternative beim Transport von Waren. Den…
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Chemical industry

Chemical industry

Our client is a globally specialised chemical company that produces a wide range of advanced materials and specialty chemicals and fibres that are found in products that people use…
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2Return is member of the Rotom Group