Reuse of wooden pallets not only saves on packaging costs, but also on CO2 emissions. Good for your wallet and for the environment. Would you like to know how much CO2 emissions you could save by using your pallets several times? Fill in the parameters below and an estimate of your contribution to the environment is automatically calculated. This is of course an estimate, an accurate calculation depends on many factors. For a more accurate calculation, please contact us.


Calculate here how much CO2 you could save by reusing your pallets

Pallet parameters

What dimensions does the pallet have?

This concerns determining the transport volume of the pallet (lxwxh)

1200 mm
800 mm
144 mm

What is the weight of the pallet?

Enter the weight of the pallet in new condition

22 kg

How many pallets need repair after use?

Enter this as a percentage of the total number of pallets returned

25 %

For what proportion of the pallets to be repaired new wood is used?

Enter this as a percentage of the total number of pallets to be repaired

100 %

How many pallets are no longer usable after use?

Enter this as a percentage of the total number of pallets returned

2 %

Can the pallets be nested?

When nested, more pallets fit in the truck


Transport parameters

What is the average distance between loading and unloading location?

Provide an estimate of the number of kilometers driven between both locations

500 km

How many times can the pallet be used over its lifetime?

Give the number of cycles a pallet makes before it can no longer be used for reuse

10 x

What is the share of kilometers driven as a full load?

Give a percentage of the number of full loads compared to part loads

100 %

Your potential savings:

Current emissions per pallet in kg CO2 kg CO2
Savings per cycle of a pallet in kg CO2 kg C02
Saving CO2 emissions per cycle of a pallet in % %

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The CO2 savings calculator is intended to indicate the difference in CO2 emissions per cycle of pallets used multiple times compared to single use. The intent of the calculator is to provide decision-makers with a high-level understanding of the effects of single-use pallets and encourage them to re-use pallets. The calculator is based on an average content of carbon stored in the wood of the pallet as specified by the Wood Center. At the end of its life, the pallet is burned as biomass, where the stored carbon combines with oxygen to form CO2 and is released into the atmosphere. The CO2 emissions during transport are based on the report of “STREAM Freight Transport 2016 Emissions of modalities in freight transport”.

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