About 2Return

2Return was founded in 2010 as a 100% subsidiary of Rotom Europe BV. Using their offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Denmark and the UK, we are able to offer you an extensive international network for optimal logistics services. By combining our knowledge, experience and the right IT tools, we ensure efficient packaging management, with the aim of saving packaging costs in a sustainable manner.

We offer:

  • Thorough product and market knowledge of a wide range of logistics resources
  • Logistical know-how and experience in the areas of customer management, organization, administration, rental, operational depot management and transport
  • Experience with services to internationally operating companies
  • Experience with outsourcing services and activities to third parties
  • Advanced management system specialising in packaging management, including RFID and digital document processing

 The advantages of 2Return:

1. Sustainability

By reusing pallets or plastic boxes instead of purchasing new ones, the consumption of raw materials is reduced considerably. The use of scarce raw materials and energy for production becomes redundant. If necessary, the existing pallets are repaired and used again. Because 2Return uses multiple European depots, we can significantly reduce the transport distances between the various users, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

2. Cost savings

Packaging, especially tailor-made pallets and boxes are often expensive. A lot of money can be saved by returning usable packaging instead of scrapping it. By using Packaging Recovery from 2Return, these items are collected and used again. This significantly reduces the costs of purchasing new items. Because 2Return uses various European depots, where we can store the collected pallets, the amount of driving and transport costs remain limited.

3. Quality

Packaging is used to pack and transport goods in a safe way. Poor quality pallets and boxes can lead to process disruptions during production or damage to the product during transport. Regular inspection and timely repair of the pallets and boxes guarantee good quality of the packaging. All packaging collected by 2Return is carefully checked and repaired if necessary, before being offered again to your production site.

4. Financial

The reuse of pallets means that high investments in new packaging are unnecessary. Financial resources can now be used in a different way.

5. Personnel

2Return takes over the entire administration of your packaging. In addition, your customers can register their request to collect their packaging via the web portal. As a result, your employees can be deployed for their core activities.

6. Flexibility

Fluctuations in the use of packaging due to seasonal influences or temporary market demand can easily be absorbed via Pooling. In addition, Packaging Recovery ensures that packaging is always made available at the right location. With standard pallets such as Euro pallets, multiple parties can use the same pallets by placing them on the "pallet bank". The credit on pallets is registered, so that the pallets can be picked up at a later time, when there is a need. Moreover, the packaging is always available in the right place because it is collected from the end user in time. This prevents unnecessary stock in the wrong location. A good solution in case of fluctuating demand for packaging.

7. Administration

Our web portal offers an up-to-date insight into the available numbers of pallets or boxes per location, both at your customers and at the 2Return depots. That way, you never miss out on calling the necessary items. 2Return takes over a large part of the administrative actions: your customers can indicate the number of items to be returned online 24/7, after which we plan their collections. After collection the packaging will be sorted, an overview of the sorting results will be sent to both you and your customer. Overviews and reports are easy to download via the web portal.






2Return is member of the Rotom Group