How does 2Return work?

2Return offers various services, but how do you know if they are relevant to your company?

In order to make a correct offer, we will start with a business analysis of your packaging activities. We map your current processes using information provided by you. On this basis we will make both a calculation and a planning. The turnaround time for drawing up a business case is on average 1-2 months.

For an accurate activity analysis, we would need the following information:

  • Total number of packaging items in circulation
  • Dimensions of the packaging items (to calculate the required space in the truck and operational costs)
  • Number of different locations to which you deliver and associated postcodes
  • Number of packaging units per delivery per location
  • Turnover speed of the packaging - how long the packaging stays with the user
  • Return freight to your factories - to which addresses and per full load?
  • Additional required services, such as possible repairs, recycling and cleaning.

The services that can be recorded in a contract are the following:

  • Collection of the packaging from your delivery locations, with the possibility to have the call made by your customers via our web portal
  • Return delivery from the 2Return depots to your factories
  • Repair, maintenance and recycling
  • Depot services (e.g. unloading, inspection, storage, loading)
  • Optional: washing (in case of plastic or metal packaging)
  • Optional: takeover of obsolete packaging


Depending on your wishes, we can charge you a fixed management fee, a price per activity or a price per cycle. The costs are mainly determined by the number of items handled, the number of transactions, the turnover rate, the quality requirements and the geographical location of the locations involved.

In summary, 2Return's services offer the following benefits:

  • Not only standard packaging, but also items with specific dimensions are processed
  • A sustainable solution because of the reuse of valuable packaging items
  • Regular checking of the items for optimal quality and high commitment guarantee
  • Reduced transport costs due to the international network of depots
  • Storage of surplus packaging
  • Flexible deliveries at increased demand due to high season
  • No unnecessary stock at your location or at your customers
  • Transparent, up-to-date information through our web portal
  • Just-in-time delivery of the items, so no process disruptions
  • Possible reimbursement when taking out obsolete packaging
  • The complete packaging management is taken off your hands

Want to know more about Packaging Recovery, RTI management or Packaging Pooling? Please contact us at or +31 (0) 4 99 49 65 90.

2Return is member of the Rotom Group