Medical packaging

In the medical world, high demands are made on both packaging and processes. The use of suitable packaging for medical products such as medicines, surgical equipment and sterile materials is one of the requirements.

In order to comply with the GDP guidelines (‘Good Distribution Practice’) that are required during transport and storage, 2Return offers a packaging pool with specially developed plastic boxes. The lockable and sealable boxes are available as a qualified cool box and regular lid box. By using this packaging pool, all boxes are tracked via track & trace. 2Return takes care of the periodic cleaning, transport and registration of the boxes, so that your processes can meet the GDP guidelines.

2Return offers:

Cost saving

Less spending on logistic resources


Less material usage, less transport


Absorb fluctuations


No process disruption, no product damage



Rotom and Lievaart-Slaghuis are entering the future together

Rotom and Lievaart-Slaghuis are entering the future together

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Chemical industry

Chemical industry

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“Sustainable, money-saving solution”

“Sustainable, money-saving solution”

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