Smartbox 1230x830x981 - Foldable plastic pallet box

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Smartbox is a foldable plastic pallet with a cover that is highly resistance to damage, thanks to which they are perfectly suited for returnable packaging management systems. Smartbox containers are a light alternative to Gitterbox containers. Thanks to foldable construction you save up to 80 % of your storage space when the containers are empty. Perfect solution for pooling services.

Cost saving

Spend less money on packaging.


Less material consumption; less transport.


Up and down scaled supply.


No process disruption; no damage to products.

Our Smartbox offers the perfect solution for stacking, storing and shipping a large variety of goods. Smartbox container is equipped with a smartfix system that connects the pallet; sleeve and lid all together. Folding and unfolding is very easy, safe and ergonomic. The identical footprint enables you to use the smartbox together with Gitterboxes. All smartbox pallet boxes are very durable offering high commercial lifespan. Smartbox provides security in transportation even for fragile goods protecting them from dust, dirt and moisture.


The closed pallet, sleeve and lid make the box suitable for use both indoor and outdoor.This plastic pallet box is the best alternative to wire-mesh Gitterbox container and its made to handle heavy loads. Its also perfect for high rack storage and can be handled with conveyor systems. Smartbox containers help to transport goods safely in many industries, from automotive to packaging industry.

Technical Data
Length (mm) 1230
Width (mm) 830
Height (mm) 980
Inside dimension length (mm) 1195
Inside dimension width (mm) 795
Inside dimension height (mm) 780
Dynamic load (kg) 500
Static load (kg) 1250