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Returnable Transport Item Management (RTI management)

What is 2Return RTI management?

All packaging flows between your business locations, your suppliers and customers are managed by 2Return. We take care of the supervision, from supplying empty pallets or crates up to and including their recovery and shipment to your location. Unused items are traced to encourage efficient use in the supply chain. This guarantees sufficient packaging at the right location for an undisturbed production process.

Your advantage of RTI management:

  • Cost efficient management of your load carriers
  • Single point of contact facilitated by 2Return control tower
  • Up-to-date status of availability per location
  • Always sufficient packing at the right location
  • Flexible electronic data communication without changes to your ERP
  • No concerns about packaging administration
  • Product track & trace using barcode or RFID
  • Support in terms of product development, technology or EU legislation

Returnable Transport Item management (RTI)

How does RTI management work:

  • You send your goods and products using your own packing to your customers
  • All packing transactions are registered in a smart IT system
  • 2Return knows exactly where the logistic items is at any time
  • Important documents like CMR are digitally saved per transaction
  • Customers and suppliers have online access to their own administration in their local language
  • Packing can be called off and delivered just in time to the right location

Service coverage throughout Europe

2Return has a covering network throughout Europe and makes use of the international network of the Rotom Group and partners for distribution, maintenance, repair and cleaning of the packaging pool.

Interested in Packaging Pooling, Packaging Recovery or RTI management? Please contact us at or call 01777 322100.