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Returnable Transport Item management (RTI)


With RTI-management 2Return organizes management and administration of logistics packaging for customers.

2Return facilitates efficient use of costly logistic packaging and provides integrated administration of transactions between the customers business locations, its suppliers and customers.

  • 2Return operators are your packaging controllers
  • You ship or receive goods and products using logistic packaging
  • Our smart IT-system records all packaging related transactions
  • 2Return at any time exactly knows where packaging items are located
  • Important documents like CMR are digitally saved per transaction
  • Both customer and counterparties have online access to the administration in local language


What are your benefits?

  • Cost efficient management of RTI-packaging
  • Single point of contact facilitated by 2Return control tower function
  • Multiple location administration
  • Flexible electronic data communication without changes to your ERP
  • No concerns about packaging administration
  • Product track & trace using barcode or RFID control
  • Support in terms of product development, technology or EU legislation


Schematic view:

Returnable Transport Item management (RTI)


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Existing and emerging environmental legislation requires businesses to not only register the waste (including wooden pallets) generated but also declare how and to what extent re-using possibilities have been explored. We support companies in administration and declaration of reusing packaging preventing it from recycling or sending to landfill.

 Audit & survey

The first and probably most important step in any improvement process is to assess the current “ist” situation. Our experts will survey at site; make a profound data analysis; check their findings with interviews and come-up with their recommendations in a condensed report.

 Carbon footprint

You want to know how to reduce carbon footprint for packaging and how to measure improvements? We can help you with all packaging sustainability issues.


Are you using the right logistic packaging for your current and new products? What are available alternatives and how do we get these? How should we track and trace the item and can we use it for product as well? Curious about the latest developments on Returnable Transport Items? We provide the answers.

Service availability throughout Europe!

2Return features a wide network in Europe and uses the international network of Rotom Group and partners for physical handling the packaging flows.

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