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Pooling of Returnable Transport Items (RTI)


In case of pooling multiple customers use packaging items from a shared pool made available by 2Return. 2Return owns and manages the RTI-packaging pool, which consists of plastic pallets, collapsible boxes and containers. The customer pays a fee for distribution, transport, use, maintenance and administration of the packaging.

  • 2Return provides the requested RTI-items at your production or distribution location
  • You ship your goods and products to your customers using these packaging items
  • Our smart IT-system automatically captures dispatch information
  • The web-based software informs 2Return on delivery address and date
  • 2Return conveys the packaging from your customer location to the 2Return depot
  • Returned packaging will be checked, repaired and sorted to type
  • After the inspection you are informed about the administrative settlement
  • 2Return makes the RTI-items available for reuse by customers

What are your benefits?

  • Sustainable and cost-effective solution
  • Advantage to use items without capital investment and cost for maintenance
  • Entire packaging management taken care for
  • Smooth production process by using just-in-time supply of packaging
  • Consistent quality level of RTI-packaging items

Schematic view:

Pooling Logistic 


Service availability throughout Europe!

2Return features a wide network in Europe and uses the international network of Rotom Group and partners for distribution, maintenance, repair and cleaning of the RTI-packaging pool.

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Our most popular products

  • Foldable large  containers

    Foldable large containers

    A specially selected group of plastic, foldable large containers for storage and transport products in pooling. These highly durable plastic containers are made from the finest materials and designed for very intensive use and optimal working comfort (handling). Their main advantage is the ability to fold when they are empty. This feature provides tangible benefits in terms of lower costs in return transport and temporary storage. Some of them also provide the possibility to close with a seal – for protection against access by third parties. As in every circuit, products participating in it must be durable, lightweight and easy to handle. This plastic large boxes group fulfills these requirements for 100%, giving the possibility to select the right model depending on your special requirements. Typical dimensions are 1200x1000 and 1200x800. All of them have been checked many times, so we recommend them for use in any supply chain or pooling process.

  • Foldable crates

    Foldable and nestable crates

    Recommended below foldable and nestable plastic crates for pooling can be divided into two main groups. The first one are nesting crates with a lid. Despite the fact of no folding possibility, they can provide great space savings through a special trapezoidal design - giving the possibility of nesting. "Nesting", means the insertion of one crate or container into another. They also are equipped with a lid that protects the product and allows to stack – when closed - one container on another. Special holes in the upper part make it possible to use any seal which prevents unauthorized opening.
    The second group of containers are folded plastic boxes. Their advantage is undoubtedly a more regular shape and the ability to fold when empty. They can also be equipped with a cover permanently connected with the box. Robust design, best materials, and ease of folding provide long-term operation in each pooling process. The basic dimensions are 600x400 and 300x400 mm. Both, foldable and nestable boxes perfectly fits to plastic pallets – described in their own pooling products category.

  • Collars

    Pallet collars

    A wide range of pallet collars made from wood, plastic or metal. All of the products listed below are strong and proven constructions in plenty pooling projects. The basic dimensions are 1200x800 and 1200x1000mm. Wooden and plastic collars have a standard height of 200 mm, giving the possibility to create any configuration of the required unit height – adapting it to your unique logistic needs. Robust design with strong hinges protecting even very heavy products during transport, also with very irregular dimensions. Wooden pallet collars perfectly fit to wooden Euro pallets (listed below) and plastic collars with plastic pallets - described in more detail in the category plastic pallet. In both cases, the possibility to fold gives significant space savings in return transport, which is really needed in each pool process. Metal wire mesh collars are also a good option in pooling cycles wherever there is a need to immediately verify the content of the package and at the same time, have easy access (folded flap). Suitable design of the upper frame provides the ability to set one pallet with collar on another (stacking). Metal wire mesh collars perfectly fits to wooden pallets giving cost effective solution.

  • Foldable boxes

    Foldable metal boxes

    Below we present robust, metal containers, which are prepared for efficient and hard work in each pooling project. They are built of solid material (galvanized), and advanced design provides the folding possibility. Unlike the pallet collars, foldable metal boxes are self-supporting units - there is no need to support them with pallets. Specially designed feet and top frames allow stacking during storage and transport. Strong bottom allows easy handling by forklifts and hand pallet trucks. Light weight and highly durable construction of these metal mesh containers causes that they are very often used in pooling cycles that handle many different products. Standard dimensions: 1200x800 and 1200x1000mm can adapt to each supply chain and pool project.

  • Plastic pallets

    Plastic pallets

    The main advantages of the proposed plastic pallets are primarily strength and long life usage. Made from the finest materials (HDPE and PE) ensure trouble-free operation at even the most intensive pool cycles. Some models of plastic pallets are equipped with special metal reinforcements, effectively increasing the capacity of the parameters and make them useful for high racking storage. The basic dimensions are 1200x800 and 1200x1000mm. The special model in this range is H1 pallet, used mostly in the food sector. High quality materials and relevant certificates ensure operation in a wide temperature range (-40 °C to +70 °C). An additional element that increase comfort and improve safety are the special anti-slip surfaces. They protect goods from sliding off the pallet during handling and transport in the warehouse as well as road transport. Some models of the presented plastic pallets are equipped with perimeter base. These are additional skids, reinforcing the pallets and improve stability during stacking (in storage and transport). All pallets are designed for use in automatic packaging lines equipped with roll conveyors and perfectly fits to plastic collars described in more detail in their own product category.