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Packaging Recovery Solutions


2Return packaging recovery handles the process of returning logistic packaging to the originator. After being shipped 2Return collects used pallets, crates, containers and other reusable logistic packaging and supply them in good condition to the originating location.

  • You ship your goods and products to your customers using logistic packaging
  • Our smart IT-system automatically captures dispatch information
  • The web-based software informs 2Return on delivery address and date
  • 2Return conveys the packaging from your customer location to the 2Return depot
  • Returned packaging will be checked, repaired and sorted to type
  • After the inspection you are informed about the administrative settlement
  • You determine when and how much packaging should be resupplied
  • 2Return can take over obsolete packaging at a fee (cash-back)

What are your benefits?

  • Sustainable and cost-effective solution
  • Entire packaging management taken care for
  • Free (storage)space due to minimized packaging stock at site
  • Smooth production process by using just-in-time supply of packaging
  • Consistent quality level of controlled and sorted packaging

Schematic view:

Packaging Recovery Solutions




Service availability throughout Europe!

2Return features a wide network in Europe and uses the international network of Rotom Group and partners for physical handling the packaging flows.

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