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Packaging recovery

Packaging Recovery

What is Packaging Recovery?

Reusable packaging is usually left at your customers’ location after the shipment of your goods, considered a superfluous item. 2Return collects these empty pallets or boxes and returns them to your business location after inspection. This means less investment in new packing and a relief to the environment. The entire process of transport, repair, storage and delivery of your packing is taken care of by 2Return. All shipments of the pallets are registered in our system, which means you always have insight into availability, both at your own production location and at your customers’. If you do not want to reuse the pallets, either standard or customer-specific, we can take over the pallets from you.

Your advantage of Packaging Recovery:

  • Smooth production process by using just-in-time supply of packaging
  • Up-to-date insight into your packing flows through a web portal
  • No packing investments: you remain the owner of the items
  • No investments in software and hardware: we use an app
  • More (storage) space due to minimal stock of empty packaging
  • Consistent quality level of controlled and sorted pallets and pallet boxes
  • Sustainable and cost-saving solution

Packaging Recovery Solutions

How does Packaging Recovery work:

  • You send your goods and products to your customers using pallets or boxes
  • The shipping information is processed in our IT-system
  • 2Return collects the pallets and boxes from your customer and delivers them to the 2Return depot
  • Returned packaging is checked, repaired and sorted
  • After inspection we inform you about the administrative handling
  • You determine when and how many pallet boxes and pallets you want to receive
  • 2Return can take over obsolete packaging (cash back)

Service coverage throughout Europe

2Return has a covering network throughout Europe and makes use of the international network of the Rotom Group and partners for distribution, maintenance, repair and cleaning of the packaging pool.

Interested in Packaging Pooling, Packaging Recovery or RTI management? Please contact us at or call 01777 322100.