All the fuss around pallets is professionally taken care for

All the fuss around pallets is professionally taken care for

“Our sorting depos are clean and save now. The solution is really perfect. We are impressed with service provided by 2Return.”

- Maarten ,
Logistic Manager

At the sorting centres there is no room available for packaging and is also not required as in many cases parcels are delivered in our own roll containers that can directly be reused. Some of our customers however provide the parcels on wooden pallets like euro pallets or one-way pallets that cannot be used by us. For some of our customers we need to return the pallets but most of the pallets are obsolete. Wooden pallets also cause dirt and dust that harms the sorting conveyors.

2Return provided us with the right solution. On several of our sorting locations 2Return permanently stalled a trailer that we can fill-up with empty pallets. On a daily basis the trailer filled with pallets is exchanged for an empty one. And if required 2Return will swap the trailer within 3 hour timeframe.

The trailer with pallets is transported to the depot of 2Return where they are sorted by type and quality. Damaged but reusable pallets are repaired and kept in stock. Unusable pallets are recycled.

On demand 2Return delivers quality controlled pallets to our customers or our customers pick them up at the depot 2Return. For euro pallets, clients even have the possibility to pick up the pallets at another depot of 2Return nearby the pallets are needed.

This system has been working for several years now to full satisfaction.


E-commerce changed the way we shop fundamentally. More and more our purchases are delivered at our home. To process the growing flow of parcels this company opted a few years ago for a completely new logistics distribution model. Part of this model are more then fifteen new sorting centres which are crammed to the last square meter with conveyors. The parcels are sorted to geographical area and loaded directly from the sorting line into the delivery vans. Per day there are multiple sorting shifts and the sorting centres operate 24/7.

Service: packaging recovery

Sector: distribution