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2Return was founded in 2010 as a 100% subsidiary of Rotom Europe BV. We focus on logistics services for load carriers, such as pallets, collapsible boxes and plastic crates and pallet collars. Our core activity is the complete management of the flows of reusable packaging. Track & trace is an important management tool.

We offer:

  • Thorough technical and market knowledge of a wide variety of load carriers
  • Logistics know-how and experience on customer services, organization, administration, rental and operational depot & transportation management
  • Subcontractor management experience
  • State-of-the-art management system specialized in packaging management including RFID


2Return offers the right solution for managing logistics flows in various areas:


The automotive industry makes use of many small components. These parts are often fragile and must be packed and transported carefully. Packing on pallets and wrapping with plastic involves a lot of waste. The 2Return Smartbox offers the possibility to pack, transport and store the small parts in a safe way with less packaging material. Through 2Return Pooling the empty Smartboxes are retrieved by our carriers after they have been signed off using the specific app. After they have been cleaned they will be made available for use again. A flexible and sustainable solution for your logistics flows.

Chemical industry

The packing and transport of chemical components entails specific requirements. We understand the conditions of delivery and collection. In addition to safety and sustainability, the timely availability of logistical packaging is also an important part of the production and distribution process. The purchase value of new plastic pallets and reusable packaging materials could ultimately end up costing considerably. Through 2Return Packaging Management and RTI Management we take care of the complete recovery of this packaging, in order to guarantee an optimal efficiency of your distribution flows.

Construction industry

As a producer, you use logistical packing such as pallets to transport your products to your customers. This packing is often customer-specific and tailor-made. As soon as the pallets are empty, they remain with your customers and are considered redundant material. While in the meantime your production and distribution continues and you need these pallets. 2Return ensures through Packaging Recovery that your pallets are collected from your customers and delivered to you again after sorting and repair. So that they can be used again for an optimal flow of goods to your customers.


Fluctuating demand for consumer items and food is a major challenge in packaging management in the retail sector. Seasonal influences and large events can cause a temporary shortage of packing, causing stagnation of the supply of your goods. A temporary supplement to your roll container supply can offer a solution.Through 2Return Pooling, roll containers and other load carriers are made available through a rental structure. These items are tracked via track & trace, so you always have an overview of where they are located.

Rotom has 15 branches in 9 European countries and has been active in the supply and rental of logistics items for more than 30 years. By making intensive use of their European network and various experienced service providers, we are able to structure packaging flows between the various parties.

About Us

About Us 2Return